Burna Boy vs Wizkid In Battle Of Hits – Who Do You Think Will Win?

I am all jeered up for this conversation right now because the timing is quite right.

Burna Boy has the Grammy bragging right, past 3years consistent relevance in the music industry but talking about hit-for-hit face-off, can he beat Wizkid?

I am bringing this up because some Burna Boy fans have started saying Wizkid will drown in the pool of Burna Boy‘s hit records.

Let’s think about it this way, remember when Wizkid was introduced to the music industry and the catalogue of songs that got him to where he is standing today.

Then, look back at Burna Boy‘s journey from “Like To Party“, to this day, even with all the songs on “Twice As Tall” album.

If both Burna Boy and Wizkid enter into a hit-battle today, tell us who you think will win with all sincerity.

Let’s hear from you 👇