LET’S TALK!! Which Promises Can The APC Government Bring That Will Make You Want To Vote For Them Again?

2023 is fast approaching and APC thinking department will be doing everything possible to make us vote for them again.

They are the king of lies & fake promises – PDP is learning

They will be compiling their list of catchy promises that will make us want to vote for them again but our eyes don open now compare to how it was in 2015.

Now, we are not going to bore you with a long post. We believe you remember all the promises APC gave to us when they wanted to unsit/remove Goodluck Jonathan and PDP that has been ruling us for the past 16 years then.

They came with juicy offers and we fell for it. They know the loop holes that the PDP Government was not doing well and they know Nigerians were tired of them as at then. They came like an Angel, promises us heaven and earth and we got into the biggest scam of our lifetime.

We later realized APC has nothing to offer us

Fast forward to 6 years after, Nigerians have now know they’ve got nothing to offer other than make our lives even more miserable – them don try.

It’s interesting to know that the END SARS has opened everybody’s eyes that this Government does not have Nigerians in mind.

Well, 2023 is fast approaching already.. They will need us again and they will come with loads of promises so that we can vote for another of their candidate can rule us for the next 4 to 8 years 🤣🤣🤣 E go shock them!!!

Their promises don cast – 2023 go shock them

We know they can’t tell you anything again but let’s just imagine you want to consider them again but based on how juicy their promises will be.

Now, as a Smart, Intelligent and Brilliant person that you are 👇

Which Promises Can The APC Government Bring That Will Make You Want To Vote For Them Again????

We want to know in the comment section.

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