LET’S TALK! Apart From Wizkid & Davido, Tell Us Two Other Artistes You Think They Will Never Feature Together, No Matter How

Hi Guys!

Do we need any article to express how and why Wizkid and Davido would never come together to release a single track?

It’s obvious that the two artistes have taken their rivalry to another level in the music industry and this has dented their hope of collaborating together.

We all know Starboy would never want to feature Davido even if David wish to. But now that the pressure on Davido is so high, he won’t want to betray his fans to stoop low or lower his ego to beg Wizkid for featuring.

Therefore they will forever remain on their lane. I don’t know about Burna Boy, but Wizkid and Davido would never jump on a single track.

Let’s just die their matter cause they don cast, everybody don know say e no possible, so I want you to mention other two artistes who you think lowkey they no gree for each other and they won’t want to be on a single NEVER!

Apart From Wizkid & Davido, Tell Us, Two Other Artistes, You Think They Can Never Feature Together,

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