{MUSIC}| FAKE LOVE| DJ Obey Young Girl Nice- B Maintain Emmyimmz

DJ Obey Young Girl Ft Nice -B X Maintain X X Emmyimmy One evening there was astonished after getting a message from some one who she didn’t talk to since 3-4 years. That was her friend DJ Obey Young Girl. And the message said,” Hi, I just love you so much , after all those years I couldn’t tell you. I don’t know why.” Girl felt really happy , but she didn’t know why . She thought to herself,” Is he just joking or what?” And then she wrote a message back to him saying , ” Are you really saying this or you are just joking? Please tell me the truth.” The boy did not replay right back, because he was not online at that time. But girl waited , and waited.

Next day after school she came back and saw unread message. It was from James,” No , why would I lie? Believe me I really do love you. I was thinking whole night about you.” Joy Obey face turned into red. She was really happy, because something might change her life after all. She looked at James pictures and she liked him. Even though he was 16, he looked 18 in pictures.

Joy Obey was thinking about Dj Obey Young Girl all the time . But James lived in Florida. She thought she could see him in summer. 3 weeks passed . DJ Obey and Joy Obey were really close to each other by chatting. Jessica was really falling in love with James. And it seemed like James was really in love with Joy Obey also. They were really sweet to each other. Joy Obey stopped studying . Because James took all her time and she was happy too. She failed 3 subjects . Her mom and dad didn’t pay attention to her at all. What Joy Obey did was , just sit at the computer and chat with him all the time.

Something about Dj Obey Young Girl Fake Love

Year: 2021

Song: Fake Love

Artist: DJ Obey Young Girl X Nice-B Maintain X Emmyimmz

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