Description: {UKELLE} WANIHEM OBAT OGOR Pat Popularly known as DJ OBEY YOUNG GIRL” is a young Nigerian male DJ who took the entire entertainment industry by surprise when he became the Youngest male DJ playing on Radio (UKELLE FM , at an age younger than 29, him has won several high profiled awards,

DJ OBEY YOUNG GIRL was also profiled and interviewed by international news giant CNN, it was a huge honor to have featured in CNN Focus on AFRICA a program that is highly rated in Africa, After him CNN recognition, she decided to drop a 3 Hours Mix, which is him longest Dj mix by a MALE Dj in Africa.

DJ OBEY YOUNG GIRL is also dropping a fresh mix for her dying fans, this time him has further broken her own record by extending him mix to “UKELLE BADDEST DJ ” which mathematically its approximately UKELLE BADDEST DJ of Non stop music.

The young female DJ is in the process of breaking and setting a Guinness Books of Records, a project him is working on and will soon address the press when all arrangements have been concluded, meanwhile enjoy this UKELLE BADDEST DJ of none stop Dj Mix by “DJ OBEY YOUNG GIRL ”

{MUSIC}| FAKE LOVE| DJ Obey Young Girl Nice- B Maintain Emmyimmz