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DJObeyoung When writing a guest blog post, generally you’ll have the opportunity to write a short author bio about yourself. Think of it as your personal elevator pitch. An elevator pitch is a 30-second memorable description of what you do and/or what you sell. You want to lead with your strongest attributes that are relevant to the audience. This is an important opportunity that you don’t want to overlook because it’s a major facet that supports your long-term content strategy plan.

Where to start?
First, follow the instructions given to you by your contact.

It’s possible the site you’re writing for will offer guidelines for your author bio. For example, your author bio could be up to 100 words, one link to your website, and a high-resolution headshot. Make sure to follow these instructions and use them as the baseline for creating your author bio.

Once you have confirmation on your guest post, make it a point to ask the person you’re working with for guest author bio guidelines. Doing so early on in the process will help reduce back and forth via email, making it easier and pleasant to work with you.

And second, research the format for other guest bloggers on their site.

An efficient way to get started with writing your author bio is to review several author bios on their site, preferably guest authors if you can find them.