UKELLE9JA + djobeyyoung Review!! AV’s “Confession” Positions Him As A Worthy Challenger For Rema, Omah Lay

In 2019, Rema stormed the scene with a never-heard-before kind of vibe and instantly became the talk of the town.

He went on to win the Next Rated award at The Headies later that year. That was, of course, after he had dropped two EP’s and multiple hits, proving himself as one of the most talented of the new crop of artists.

UKELLE9JA Similarly, in 2020, Omah Lay came from nowhere, released “Get Layd” EP, and before we knew it, he was the biggest new name in the industry. Two EP’s and a handful of hits after too, he has managed to climb up the ladder and he’s currently sitting at the top.

In 2021, though, there has been a number of guys that have wowed us, putting out stuff that were hot, on the streets and on the charts. One of such guys is AV, a boy from the South (Benin City) who has not just the vibe, but almost the same diction as Rema and Omah Lay.

AV has one hit, “Big Thug Boys” and for now, that’s all he’s known for. That is not enough for him to become a rival to any of the guys I’ve mentioned earlier. For all you know, he could even be a fluke. A one-hit wonder, that sort of thing.

But I don’t think he is. Of course, he still has to prove that he’s got what it takes, maybe drop one EP—or two, do collaborations, and maybe even release an album. Still, his new song is a step in the right direction.


The latest jam, “Confession” in a way deviates from the convention and the prevalent laid-back vibe we’ve been getting of recent. Based on his previous hit, “Big Thug Boys” and now this, looks like homeboy favors uptempo instrumentals and prefers them to calm soulful sounds.

Anyhow, “Confession” is not just uptempo. It has all the elements of a new school hit. The basic lyrics, the rhymes, the bouncing on the beat, the gibberish, it’s got it all.

For one, AV, like many of the guys from the South, is one artist that is carried by instrumental. Think of guys like Ajebo Hustlers and Omah Lay. Their songs are nothing without the instrumentals.

That’s why the beat is very important. AV’s delivery is natural, and coordinated in a way that, if the beat and his vocals don’t connect—even slightly—the song falls apart conspicuously. But “Confession” is a good one.

The jam has the potential to become AV’s next big hit, and with a little promotion here and there, nothing can stop AV!

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