COUNT US OUT!!! Leave Us Out Of Your Irredeemable Woes – Osun APC Fires PDP

We are constrained to dwell into the crises rocking the Peoples Democratic Party but for the fact that the two major factions have continuously attributed their woes to us at a different time speaks how empty they are as a party and that indeed they have run out of deep thoughts and critical thinking that can put the party in the right position among its peers in the state. “You will all recall that since the beginning of their leadership tussle particularly the chairmanship issue which has seen it change hands five times, various interest and opinion moulders within the party have been pointing accusing fingers at us. “For instance when Osun State High Court, Ikirun reinstated Soji Adagunodo, after his sack by the national leadership of the party, the other faction alleged we used the state apparatus to protect Adagunodo. However, now that a superior court said otherwise, the same Adagunodo is crying foul. You can see that their thinking fails the critical analytic test. “The truth is PDP from national to the grassroots lacks direction and they are not prepared for the situation they found themselves in, neither are they ready to learn from us, hence the present show of shame. “They are used to money bag politics, mishandling of state resources for their selfish interest and they have forgotten that such a day exists when they won’t have access to the public purse. “We believe wholeheartedly in the democratic ideals that put an opposition party not just an important integral part of democracy but also being an indispensable entity that put the government of the day on toes. It is obvious that the